Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” It is this essential truth, complete with its exclusivity that is at the center of all we do at Sons of the King (SOK.) Yes, we most certainly want the boys with whom we’ve been entrusted to advance academically and to develop the requisite social and behavioral qualities that tend toward a fulfilled life. In fact, it is our aim to play a small part in supporting parents to this end! But again, the sobering words of the Savior speak over the clamor of culture in the Gospels where He says, “What does it profit a man to gain the world and forfeit his own soul? For what can a man give in return for his soul?” Here, the Lord mounts a full frontal assault on the life lived solely for self and stuff; obliterating any illusion that such a life can ever meet the deepest yearnings of the human heart, not to mention the dire eternal ramifications! If these things are true, and they are, then our simple, daily Gospel proclamation at SOK and on Fridays at our Good News Club has serious consequences for this life and the life to come for some 50 to 60 children! We are grateful for the generosity of many reading this newsletter that makes it possible for James and me, along with our volunteers, to contend daily for the souls of children. What the Lord has given us to do, though not necessarily flashy or impressive in a worldly sense, is vitally important and we are thankful for your partnership!


A huge thanks to the Trinity Presbyterian Church’s Women’s Ministry Team and all who participated in the “pantry pounding” and the provision of meals twice weekly during the summer. This effort virtually eliminated our summer food budget!


This year’s summer camp was the best ever with field trips to the Jackson Zoo, The Natural Science Museum, The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, Chuck E. Cheese, the movie theatre, and a 4th of July cookout at LeFleur’s Bluff Park. Our summer camp wrap up party included grilled burgers and hotdogs with trimmings and a waterslide at the Church. Several SOK parents and board members attended.


Kudos to all who gave precious time to demonstrate the love of Christ by volunteering in sundry ways this past year! Special thanks to Anna Segrest (Art), Symeon Robins (Music), and David Howie (Karate.) We can’t pull this off without all who volunteer! Thank you so much!

FALL 2016

We began our seventh year with 22 boys, or put another way, 22 immortal souls! Please pray that the Lord would grant patience, wisdom, and diligence to James and me along with our volunteers as we seek to bring to bear in their lives the Gospel and it's attendant principals.


As we near years end our financial needs are significant. Please consider giving a one-time gift or even becoming a monthly contributor to help us move forward. No gift is too small (or large!) To give online go to our website www.sonsoftheking.org or make checks payable to SOK and mail to P.O. Box 2231 Brandon, MS 39043



111716_newsletter3 SOK Board

  • Ronjanette Taylor: President
  • Robert Jones: Vice President
  • Meredith Henry: Secretary/Treasurer
  • John Williams: Executive Director
  • James Logan: Assistant Executive Director
  • Heather Ivery
  • Ray Callahan