Good News Club

Our CEF/GNC is in full swing at McLeod Elementary with an average attendance of 80 children each Friday. Please pray for McLeod principal, Claudine Blakey, and her staff along with all of our volunteers who make this vital Gospel ministry possible!

Hide it in your heart

Once again, James did a stellar job teaching the boys Bible verses at Summer Camp. The boys are like sponges and managed to memorize: Psalm 63, Psalm 86:11-12, Psalm 51:1-2, Psalm 1, and Psalm 139:1-4; 7-10, and over 15 other passages.


501(c)(3) News

I’m excited to announce that the SOK Board met recently to approve bylaws and to review the 501(c)(3) application before sending it off for approval. Thanks to Robert Jones for all of his hard work! Please pray that our application will be met with a favorable response!


Our Board

  • Ronjanette Taylor: President
  • Robert Jones: Vice President
  • Meredith Henry: Secretary/ Treasurer
  • John Williams: Executive Director
  • James Logan: Assistant Executive Director
  • Heather Ivery
  • Pepper Crutcher
  • Ray Callahan


By the Lord’s grace manifested in the generosity of our supporters, Sons of the King has yet to finish a calendar year in the red! Please consider a contribution to SOK in your year-end giving. Make checks payable to TPC with SOK on the memo line. Mail to: Trinity Church, 5301 Old Canton Road, Jackson, Mississippi 39211


Living Water

One of the Bible passages our boys learned at SOK Summer Camp this year is Psalm 63:1-4. David describes his fervent pursuit of the Lord in these verses saying, “my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” In the Deep South, of late, we have experienced something of this metaphor having endured near record drought conditions. At the height of the drought, a friend of mine and fellow houndsman, who lives in Louisiana told me he wasn’t going back to the woods until it rained, saying it was just too depressing seeing all the withered foliage and dying trees! This, I think, paints a sad but accurate picture of our world. Let’s be honest, this can be a dry and weary place where even those of us who follow Christ find ourselves disoriented, striving for meaning and fulfillment in ways that have no ability to satisfy our yearnings or do good to those around us. But as I pen these words, rain is dripping from the eve of my house and the drought is broken! I can’t help but to think of the penultimate drought breaker; the one who condescended in obscurity to this tired world so long ago yet whose effect on the course of human history and the souls of men remains unchallenged. Christ spoke of “living water” at the well in Samaria; water only He gives that becomes in those who receive it “a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” You and I have been entrusted with the “living water” and while opting out of a beloved hobby during drought conditions like my friend in Louisiana chose to do is understandable, it is unacceptable in our spiritually dry and weary world. In fact, it’s the reason we move forward! In Psalms 63, David says that pursuing God even to the point of physical exhaustion and death is worth it because His “steadfast love is better than life.” This is the message, the water, which our dry and weary world needs! Christ, the Divine drought breaker and His word is the focal point of our ministry and it is our hope that SOK will always be an oasis where the water of life is offered freely. Now as we approach our 6th year, James and I consider it a great privilege to serve the precious boys the Lord has entrusted to us and their sweet families. Thanks to all of you who make this work possible by the many ways you support us!