Sons of the King will always hold a special place in my heart! I wish it didn’t have to end so soon. Sons of the King was there for me when I really needed them the most. So here’s the story of God leading me to SOK! I’m a hairstylist by trade and a single parent. One Monday, the owner of the salon where I worked called a meeting with all stylists. In the meeting she
informed us that we could no longer bring our 
kids into the salon if they were not being serviced. At the meeting, I desperately voiced my opinion on how I didn’t have other options. After I picked my boys up from after school I had nowhere else for them to go. Therefore, they had to come back to the salon with me. After the meeting I felt very uneasy about being there because I knew my kids would be there soon and I didn’t want to have a run-in with the owner. So a couple of days later, I called the owner to inform her that my kids would have to come back with me after I picked them up from after-school care. The owner told me she would help me find somewhere else for them to go. A day or two later, she informed me that she found something called DHS
(Department of Human Services) and stated that they had vouchers for daycare kids. I

then told her that it was not about the money, but rather the time. I felt humiliated and

ashamed but most of all like I had failed as a parent. I felt powerless and really didn’t feel

like a parent at all. I made up my mind that the very next weekend I would leave the salon

because I no longer felt comfortable knowing that my kids had to come in the evening.
Not wanting a confrontation with the owner over my boys, I packed my things the

following Saturday and moved to a salon closer to my house; one that was agreeable to my boys being there in the evenings. This
is when I heard of SOK. You have no idea how Sons of the King helped raise and mold my boys into young men. I am grateful and forever thankful for the opportunity. We are truly blessed and I thank God for placing us not just where we were
wanted but where we needed to be too. SOK helped lift a huge burden off me, and I’m thankful to the Lord because
it was a tough time. My boys have aged out of SOK but they go back to visit every chance they get and
attend Bible Class. I wish there were more organizations like this for mothers and fathers who really need this


Greetings, my name is Stephanie Washington-Bostic. My son is Nicholas "Blake" Bostic. The value added to both
our lives by the Sons of the King Program is immeasurable.
Blake began attending SOK during his second grade year at McLeod Elementary. It was a particularly challenging year for us and Principal Blakey recommended we give Sons of the King a try. I actually heard of the marvelous work of the program while my older son Ryan was attending McLeod. Blake was facing challenges that many young boys
face - he didn't know how to express his emotions. Instead of correctly expressing himself,
he sometimes over reacted to stressful situations. This behavior was not condoned
by, his father, me nor anyone in our family.
Coach John and Coach James loved Blake through each challenge. Over the course of
over four years we have become family. I feel very comfortable approaching either
Coach James or Coach John for their help/guidance in working through any issues relating
to Blake. Each time it has been met with confidence, reassurance and a prayerful
outlook that together we will get through it.
An example of their outstanding work happened about two years ago. Blake was hospitalized during his fourth
grade school year and missed several days of school. Coaches James and John visited Blake in the hospital, sent
prayers and brought Blake his school work. Actions like this, all while maintaining the program and their families
- is a testament to their great work.
As a Christian and a parent what is most significant is the welcoming love of the Trinity Family. The children are
encouraged to stay for supper and Bible study on Wednesdays. To be able to see and hear Blake's Christian faith
grow is a gift greater than gold. To hear him not only repeat scriptures; but, know their meanings and application
allows me to have peace beyond measure.
Sons of the King has become and will forever be a part of our family. I pray that we will be able to always be a
part of their family. As long as I have breath, I will forever be thankful for their impact in the lives of my children,
myself and the children of McLeod.



Hello, my name is Dontrice Tyler, I’m the mother of De’Marion Tyler. De’Marion started with Sons of the King in
January of 2014. Sons of the King has been a blessing for my son and I. As a single mother,

I strive to give my only son a life that is without lack. However, I am well aware that as

a woman, there are some things I will never be able to teach a boy about becoming a man.

This is where the Sons of the King Program filled the gap for my family.
Raising a spiritually, intellectually, and physically strong Christian is a hard task for a

young single mother, but through the grace of God, we found this program. My son

genuinely enjoys the Bible lessons, after school programs,and prayer times. Interacting

with boys his age and being instructed by men is an important part of his growth into manhood. He has learned how to balance being respectful and masculine without being aggressive. These are lessons I struggled to teach him, but Sons of the King has helped in more ways than I can name.




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